Weekends with the youngest, Saturdays in Marsh Open Space, we organise creative and educational workshops for kids on the subject of the long-forgotten Serbian school subject “Household”. From making decorative items, through practical skills, these workshops provide the youngest with a unique training on how to handle themselves when they are alone at home. Simple cooking (pasta or eggs, ginger cookies), how to turn on a washing machine, how to sew a button, how to reheat lunch, how to clean after themselves, are some of this workshop topics run by different professionals, both pedagogues and creators from various artistic fields. The main goal of the workshop – to show children how to handle the situation when they are alone at home. The goal of these entertaining and educational trainings is to hear from your little boy one day:”Mom, I can do it alone!” And that’s it.

Households (for beginners) are organized by the Citizens Association Motiv art and Marsh Creative Production. The number of spots is limited and it is recommended for the kids of the age of 4 and up.